the Greek Gods of Cleanliness, Hygiene & Health

  • We understand the importance of cleanliness & hygiene in our everyday lives and therefore we have named our House-Cleaning service after the Greek God of Health, Hygieia.
  • Hygieia is a high in demand service where you get trained domestic cleaners coming to your house everyday to deliver high quality house, kitchen & washroom cleaning services.
  • The cleaners are trained, uniformed & employed with us with full employment benefits. It’s a managed service with backend control by our central unit thereby ensuring minimal absenteeism & delays and highest quality of service.
  • We use the best quality & organic cleaning materials to clean your houses thereby reducing the risk of catching diseases by your family.
  • You can select the frequency of cleaning (daily, alternate days) and service (brooming, mopping, dusting, kitchen utensils) and depending on the size of house & family, the service fees will get calculated.

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