Kitchen Support

  • “What to eat today” is the biggest question mankind faces today and everyday. According to professional studies, an average person spends about 40 minutes everyday just thinking what to eat. An average European or American spends little more than an hour everyday cooking. But an Indian spends more than 3 hours in kitchen everyday. That’s like 2 months in a year or almost 10 years of a lifetime either thinking about the food or cooking it. Imagine what all can be done with that time!!!
  • Everyday cooking can also be stressful in today’s fast paced life with work & traffic taking away most of your active hours of a day.
  • Domestic Helps are useful, but the good ones are difficult to find & trust and most difficult to manage with unprofessional behavior, lack of training & unannounced absenteeism. 
  • If you get lucky with finding one, they have limited capability to cook different cuisines and your meals start to get boring beyond a point.
  • “Ma’s Touch” – the LifeGracious Kitchen Support System solves these problems in one stroke. We carefully pick & train cooking staff from all over the country and hire them as permanent employees with us thereby giving them a respectable life and gain commitment towards our service. 

How Does it Work

  • We work with individual households on long term service contract basis where our staff provide cooking service at your homes on daily basis as per a pre-scheduled time & menu. Trained, uniformed & professionally managed, this staff delivers high quality & efficient cooking service suiting your tastes & requirements under your watchful eyes. 
  • You may select the number of meals you prefer to get cooked alongside number of persons. We will work with you to plan your menu for the next 2 weeks including your cuisine preferences and depending on these factors, the service fees gets calculated. You can also make changes as per your wish during the course of the service.*
  • This is fresh & healthy food helping you & your family enjoy a comfortable, convenient and stress-free life.

Reasons You Need a Professional Cook for Home

Time is money and must be utilized appropriately. With many responsibilities to take care of or the urge to live a better life, you need more time to work for more money. So it's crucial to delegate some duties like cooking to maximize your working hours. Hiring a professional cook through a maid agency in Gurgaon will be an excellent way to save cooking time. Here are the reasons you need one.

They Save You the Hectic of Dealing With a Domestic Worker

A house help can be a solution to your cooking problems. However, most of them will bring more problems than solutions. Domestic workers are not trained cooks like a professional cook for home; hence they offer their services unprofessionally. So, with domestic workers, you will have to deal with uncouth behaviors that can affect your productivity.

To Get Different Cuisines

Cooking service at home will give you a wide variety of cuisines. This will help you avoid the boredom of eating the same food. When you hire a cook for home in Gurgaon, you will say goodbye to food boredom. You will be expectant for meal times to taste that tasty meal you have never tasted before or the one you love.

Saves You Time

So much time is wasted thinking about what to cook. Some people may start thinking about what they will cook super right after lunch. This will disrupt your mind and slow down your productivity. When you have a maid service in Delhi, you won't think about this since they will take care of it. Therefore, you will have more time to do productive work.


Why should I hire a professional cook for home?

Because they have cooking skills hence can cook different cuisines.

Is hiring a professional cook worth it?

Yes, it will save you a lot of money by saving you time.

Are professional cooks certified?

They should be licensed, so ensure you ask for a certificate before hiring one.

Are professional cooks the same as house managers?

No professional cooks are trained in different recipes, while house managers are not.

Where can I get a professional cook?

Hire them at the maid agency in Gurgaon.

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